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Caregiver Resources

Find out all the useful resources for a caregiver that will help them to provide the best assistance to their loved ones in need



Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Homes

Choosing between an assisted living and a nursing home for a loved one can be hard. To help you choose wisely, we’ve laid out the key differences between the two.


Senior Caregiver Duties

It is crucial to understand the responsibilities of a senior caregiver job to accept and thrive in the job for the benefit of our aging population.


Activities For Seniors in Assisted Living

Shifting to an assisted living facility does not have to be boring. This article discusses the best activities for seniors that will make them happy.

Know About Residential Care Homes

There are several different types of dementia, Alzheimer’s being the most common form, followed at least 12 different types of Dementia.

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How Can I Help?

As a Occupational Dementia therapist living in Austin, TX, I offer consulting services to those residing in Texas. Email me for pricing details [email protected]

How Am I Different?

With over 9 years of experience working directly with patients, I understand the struggles and complexities involved in caretaking for and living with those with varying stages of dementia. I strive to assess and manage each situation so that safety, quality of life and optimal engagement is achieved.


Dementia help and support available

Helping you to manage and elevate the care your loved ones receive in the setting where they reside

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