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Mary Osborne

Mary Osborne

My name is Mary, and I'm an Occupational Therapist here in Austin, TX with over 9 years of experience. Over these past 9 years, I've worked directly with those living with dementia along with providing education & resources to family members/caregivers who are taking care of their loved one living with dementia. I saw the need for further emphasis on providing dementia caregivers with the tools they need to better serve their loved ones who are living with dementia, which lead me to creating this consulting company. My consulting company focuses on the primary concerns of family members/caregivers who are taking care of their loved one who is living with dementia. My mission is to provide family members/caregivers with the tips and tools necessary, in order for them to provide the best care for their loved ones.

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Feeling overwhelmed and lost when caring for a loved one living with dementia?

If you feel this way, you are not alone. I felt
this same exact way when I started working
as an Occupational Therapist in dementia
care 10 years ago.

Over the years, I’ve developed approaches
and tools that have increased quality of life
for both myself and the person living with

In my mini course we will cover:

  1. Dementia caregiving journey
  2. Fear of stepping into the unknown
  3. How to feel equipped and capable

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