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6 Fashionable, Functional Outfit Ideas That Preserve Dignity For Women Living With Dementia

Functional Outfit Ideas

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*This post is sponsored by Silvert’s. All thoughts & opinions are my own. *

Is your loved one having difficulty dressing themselves or are you having difficulty getting them dressed?

Let me introduce you to adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothing is clothing designed to help make it easier for people who have difficulty dressing, whether they are have difficulty performing their dressing tasks physically or cognitively. Adaptive clothing options can make it easier for the person to dress themselves and promote a sense of independence, while resulting in less frustration. It can also make life easier & safer for the caregiver when they are helping that person complete their daily dressing routine by decreasing the need for constant lifting and repositioning.  It’s also so important we preserve their dignity throughout the stages of dementia! There are a lot of different adaptive clothing options available.

Below, I’m going to share a few of my favorite adaptive clothing pieces for women living in early stage, middle stage, & late stage dementia and why I love them!

In my practice, I’ve found that women tend to love sharing with me their clothing collection. This can be fashionable & comfortable/functional clothing options that they’ve purchased or that family members have purchased for them. for them. Silvert’s has a great selection for both fashionable & functional items, and allows the person to maintain their dignity throughout the stages! These would also make perfect holiday gifts for your loved one. You can use discount code MARY20 for 20% off your purchase!

Dementia Clothing For Women with Early Stage Dementia

In the early stage of dementia, typically those living with dementia are able to dress themselves. They might need some reminders to start or complete the task at the end of the early stage. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for early stage dementia:

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1. Women’s 3/4 Long Sleeve Length Cardigan

Women's 3 4 Long Sleeve Length Cardigan
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This cardigan is designed to keep you warm and comfy with its ultra-plush, sweater-knit fabric that is also very soft, as well as its flattering cut and long sleeves. In addition, it contains two front pockets – I’ve noticed lot of my past patients like to keep tissues or a phone in their pocket, so this could be a great added addition to this cardigan.

This elegant and comfortable cardigan is perfect to wear daily! This can also be a great option for middle stage dementia, and ideal for those who live in home care settings, long-term care centers, or skilled nursing facilities.

A fantastic option for hospitals, nursing homes, home care providers, and residents of care facilities.


  • Comfortable for sensitive skin
  • Machine washable
  • Two pockets
  • Provides warmth
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2. Women’s Easy Pull-on Plush Set

Women's Easy Pull-on Plush Set
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This combination comes bundled with pull-on pants and a shrug.

This Senior Women’s Plush Shrug is perfect for both someone who can dress themselves in the early stage, but could also be a great option for someone in the middle stages who requires assistance. The shrug has spacious pockets that are both easy to access and practical for holding items.

This shrug is not only soft and warm, but it also includes a glamorously soft plush texture. You can count on it to keep you warm, and it will also be a chic addition to your everyday wardrobe.

The Senior Women’s Pull-On Plush Pant also has two easy-access pockets that can be used to store all of your essentials.

It also has distinct pull-up easy grip loops that make dressing easier for people with reduced hand dexterity.


  • Soft texture
  • Accessible dressing
  • Convenient pockets
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3. Easy Over The Head Top for Women

Step Into Or Easy Over The Head Top for Women
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This peasant top has a ruched, stretchable collar, but is also very stylish.

In addition, the design of the armholes makes it possible for you to dress without assistance. This could also be a perfect option for those who have limited upper body mobility and experience difficulty with raising up their arms through the full range of motion. This could be due to a variety of reasons (if someone has another chronic condition such as arthritis, which could make it difficult and painful for someone to lift up their arms all the way).


  • Wide neck
  • Deep sleeves
  • Flattering fit
  • Vents at sides
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Dementia Clothing For Women With Middle Stage Dementia

In the middle stage of dementia, typically those living with dementia will need some assistance to get dressed. Generally, they will require our physical assistance along with our verbal instruction to help complete them complete the task. It’s important to find options that can help preserve dignity, while also having options that can be less difficult for the person living with dementia and the caregiver to manage. This can help decrease frustration for all parties involved. The options below are great to preserve dignity and allow the task to be completed with less difficulty.

1. Women’s Open Back Long Sleeve Polo & Open Back Pant Set

Women's Open Back Long Sleeve Polo & Open Back Pant Set
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The Senior Women’s Open Back Long Sleeve Polo and Open Back Pant Set is an excellent choice for assisted dressing due to its relaxed fit and open back design.

Snap fasteners can be found throughout the waistband and on each shoulder of the adaptable top and pants.

These simple closures make life easier on the caregivers, whether they are seated, standing, or lying down, all thanks to these simple closures.

The back of both pieces features a subtle and ample overlap, which provides additional coverage. In addition, because the back is open, the user will experience less pain, and the caregiver will have a lower chance of harm.

This set also has a fashionable shirring detail at the shoulders, our practical adjustable hems, and color-blocking in an ultra-plush woven material that is ultralight for all-day comfort.


  • Full back coverage
  • Eliminates pressure points
  • Adaptable hems
  • Elastic waistband
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2. Women’s Magnetic Button Fleece Cardigan

Women's Magnetic Button Fleece Cardigan
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****Note: This cardigan has magnetic fasteners sewn into it, and as a result, it should not be worn by anyone who has implanted medical devices such as a pacemaker.

The magnetic front clasp on this older women’s fleece cardigan is subtle, and the decorative non-functional buttons add a touch of flair.

Other features include two front patch pockets, long sleeves, and a textured cuff and hem. Excellent convenience and fashionable design!


  • Magnetic closures
  • Quick dressing
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for those with decreased arm dexterity
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Outfits For Women With Late Stage Dementia

In the late stage of dementia, typically those living with dementia will need almost full to full assistance with dressing tasks. Most of these dressing tasks are completed either lying in the bed or sitting on the edge of the bed and/or in a wheelchair with assistance from another person. We still want to remember that it’s important to find options that can still preserve dignity, and options that can be less difficult for the caregiver to manage. It can make life easier & safer for both the person & caregiver when they are helping that person complete their daily dressing routine by decreasing the need for constant lifting and repositioning.

1. Women’s Open-Back Ponte Dress & Open Back Gowns

Women's Open-Back Ponte Dress
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The Senior Women’s Open Back Ponte Dress is an excellent choice for assisted dressing. This dress has snap fasteners at each shoulder to make it easy for caregivers to fasten and a subtle yet generous back overlap for extra coverage.

This versatile dress also has contrast piping, huge pockets for safely storing your stuff, and a luxuriously soft, elastic Ponte fabric for complete comfort.

The dress is perfect for those who rely on wheelchairs. A fantastic item for use in home care settings and nursing homes.

The gown is also a great option that opens up completely and is the perfect option for someone who has pain or limited range of motions in their shoulders and needs assistance with dressing. Both of these options close completely in the back after you snap it.


  • No exposure
  • Eliminates pressure points
  • Convenient pockets
  • Easy closure
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